The Opa team recently stepped up development by commencing new collaborative partnerships with Dublin City University’s Insight Centre for Data Analytics and its Department of Psychology.

In creating this new digital solution, Opa Mind will combine the very best in world-leading Artificial Intelligence technology with the best possible clinical and therapeutic methodologies, so users can have real support at their fingertips.

Our new solution will use Artificial Intelligence in empowering users to improve their mental wellbeing and will come pre-built with a suite of therapeutic tools that will invite users to use a personalised voice diary.

When it is completed, the Opa Mind app will be a completely revolutionary solution for those impacted by mental health pressures.

It will listen to you and understand. It will help its users on a journey towards positive wellbeing and a better quality of life.

By lending your voice to this research project, you will be making a significant and lasting contribution to providing a real solution to one of Ireland’s greatest sources of pain.

Opa Mind is also supported by Enterprise Ireland.