41% of people say they would hide a mental health problem from their friends and 28% of people say they would delay seeking any kind of professional help due to their fear of others finding out.

– See Change

Opa MIND’s new digital solution aimed at breaking the stigma around mental health will use Artificial Intelligence to empower users to improve their mental wellbeing.

The Opa MIND app, when work is complete, will invite users to contribute to a voice diary.

To make the app truly effective, we are collecting anonymous recordings to help our machine learn how to recognise voice patterns.

These unidentified recordings will not be made available for anything other than our research.

By contributing to our LEND YOUR VOICE CAMPAIGN you will play a huge part in the development of a new solution to the many mental health challenges currently being experienced by too many people throughout the world.

Find out more about the Lend Your Voice campaign and our research with Dublin City University on the LEND YOUR VOICE page.

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